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Each of us is headed toward a unique destination, and we only get one chance to get there. As an important part of the Houston Methodist Family, we want to help you on your journey through life, but you’re in charge.

Being healthy is an important element of your journey. The choices you make each day impact your health and happiness today and for years to come. At the same time, our health as individuals impacts our ability to deliver on our mission to provide high quality, cost-effective health care.

Your Wellness Incentive – Lower Your Medical Plan Deductible

Houston Methodist offers employees the opportunity to reduce their deductible by completing a Personal Wellness Profile and a Biometric Screening because we care about the health and wellness of you and your family. We can work together to manage our health, improve our wellness and ultimately reduce the costs associated with health care. Healthier employees equal a healthier company. By taking just a couple of steps, you will be on your path to healthy living!
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