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Registered Pharmacy Technician II

Job Ref: 25985

Talent Area: Pharmacy

Houston Methodist Hospital
Houston, TX 77030

Area/Department: Pharmacy-Distr Svcs

Employment Type: Regular

Job Type: Full-Time

Organization: Houston Methodist

Work Shift: EVENING

Work Week

Determined by department 

Company Profile

Since its founding in 1919, Houston Methodist Hospital has earned worldwide recognition. Houston Methodist Hospital is affiliated with the Weill Medical College of Cornell University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, one of the nation's leading centers for medical education and research.  Houston Methodist is consistently ranked in U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Hospital” list and was recently named the number one hospital in Texas. FORTUNE magazine has placed Houston Methodist on its annual list of “100 Best Companies To Work For” since 2006.  Houston Methodist Hospital directs millions of research dollars into patient care and offers the latest innovations in medical, surgical and diagnostic techniques. With 1,119 licensed beds, 67 operating rooms and over 6,000 employees, Houston Methodist offers complete care for patients from around the world.

Job Summary

The Pharmacy Technician II assists in providing day-to-day comprehensive pharmacy services that require advanced competencies (i.e., order entry, compounding, etc.). The Pharmacy Technician II assists the Pharmacy manager in the collation of data for productivity and quality assessment, improvements, and mentoring new employees. The Pharmacy Technician II may, at times, be required to perform other specialized functions in the work area, if trained and competent in the function. The Pharmacy Technician II may also, at times, be required to perform any functions normally associated with a Pharmacy Tech I job description if departmental needs mandate. The Pharmacy Technician II is responsible for fulfilling the department`s mission to provide excellent distributive, educational, and clinical services to our customers. The Pharmacy Technician II is required to respect fellow team members and other healthcare workers. The Pharmacy Technician II is expected to provide compassionate customer service and is absolutely accountable for their work performance. We commit ourselves to positive patient and family outcomes. A Pharmacy Technician II is expected to demonstrate personal and professional integrity at all times. 





Medication Orders:  Has a clear understanding of the medication order process from physician initiation to med distribution to patient care area.



Proficient in performing calculations required for usual dosage determinations.



Knowledgeable and skilled in recognizing medication trade names, generic names, dosage, routes of administration, and frequency



Greater than 80 % of primary job responsibilities include the following for each job title:

a)Computer Order Entry.  Enters data promptly and accurately:

  • Verifies correct patient name, identification number, and location
  • Confirms and inputs current height, weight, and allergy
  • Competent and proficient in translation of physician orders. 
  • Processes order entry efficiently by utilizing order sets, correct bill codes, and appropriate dispense quantities.
  • Manages orders by prioritizing stat orders, now orders, pyxis items, and regular administration orders
  • Utilizes correct order set code to determine the proper drug name, route, dose, and administration times
  • Follows guidelines for non-formulary and appropriate clinical notes and flags
  • Identifies automatic therapeutic interchanges and enters the correct medication, as well as, prints out the form for the Pharmacist to sign and place on the chart.
  • Within reasonable limits (NGT 10% below) average speed and accuracy of the order entry process should be consistent with the group norm
  • Pro-actively notifies verification Pharmacist of order entry issues that cannot be resolved
  • Comprehends automated computer system.  Understands how to prioritize the physician orders and manage the automated computer system accordingly.  Identifies and follows up on Physician orders to maximize patient outcomes.

b)TQC.  Prepares compound products with accuracy and appropriate aseptic technique:

  • Proactively ascertains vault and storeroom inventory levels every shift on a daily basis 
  • Efficiently prepares sterile and non-sterile compounded products in batches or individual doses
  • Skilled in repackaging of bulk medications into unit dose forms.
  • Assures adherence to sterile procedures and care of equipment to prevent contamination
  • Applies proper techniques when preparing, mixing, assembling, packaging, and/or labeling.
  • Follows specific labeling requirements necessary to comply with compounding procedures
  • Obtain required documents and provides or obtains signatures to complete compound projects
  • Processes sterility cultures and obtains results in a timely manner.
  • Competent and proficient in utilizing available resources to locate recipes and formulas
  • Knowledgeable of all materials necessary for specific compound preparations and packaging
  • Appropriately files all worksheets, logs, and lab reports on a daily basis

c)SNF.  Reconciles nursing units and submits data for department

  • Completes Section O of Medication Data Set (MDS) 
  • Updates height, weight, allergy and CrCl on patient profiles
  • Maintains/updates Drug Regimen Review (DRR) notebooks
  • Coordinates the DRR process and maintains the records.
  • Coordinates review of Pyxis override reports with pharmacist.
  • Performs unit inspections to keep units in compliance with policies and regulations.
  • Performs medication pass observation
  • Coordinates the data collection and record keeping and assists in preparation of reports for CMPI
  • Provides training for nursing staff, pharmacy staff and unit secretaries on a variety of technical issues (e.g., order entry issues).

d)  Vault.  Ensures accurate documentation and tracking of movement of controlled substances

  • Assists administrative specialist in controlled substances to coordinate the workflow in the vault and the delivery activities of the technician I personnel.
  • Revises vault assignments as required by staffing
  • Schedules the vault technicians and submits the schedule to manager for approval and posting
  • Follows up on unresolved controlled substances discrepancies
  • Reconciles return bins for Pyxis med stations in procedure areas without pharmacy satellite support
  • Coordinates removal of expired controlled substances from Pyxis units and prepares necessary quality assurance reports
  • Receives controlled substances orders from wholesaler
  • Audits delivery records

e)  Pyxis (ADS) Coordinator.   Coordinates the automated dispensing 

      Inventory control activities and reporting.

  • Inventory Control:  Monitors drug usage and stock outs in automated dispensing units and maintains/adjusts inventory par levels as appropriate.
  •  Drawer Configuration:  Identifies appropriate pocket sizes for medications and appropriately separates different types of medication forms to prevent medication errors.
  • Reporting:  Generates, collates, and maintains automated dispensing system reports as required.  Collates, reviews and maintains productivity, quality assessment, and inventory data collected for management’s review.


  • Expired Drugs:  Monitors automated dispensing machines for expired drugs.  Documents and reports monthly checking by pharmacy staff.
  • Problem Solving:  Coordinates troubleshooting activities for automated dispensing system and documents problems and resolutions.  Reviews service logs routinely.  Contacts the vendor as necessary.
  • Restocking:  Loads and/or refills medications in automated dispensing unit accurately and promptly.
  • Drug Recalls:  Coordinates the removal of recalled medications from automated dispensing units, prepares documentation and forwards to Pharmacy Purchasing Technician in a timely manner.
  • Data Entry:  Enters data promptly and accurately for file maintenance.
  • Receives controlled substances orders from wholesaler
  • Audits delivery records

f)   Computer Support Billing Entry.

  • Resolves Mediware billing exceptions
  • Identifies appropriate resolution for HIS billing rejects and provides the resolution details to Charge Transaction Control
  • Assists the Pyxis tech when needed with resolution of Pyxis charge rejects
  • Documents trends of order entry errors that lead to billing rejects and identifies areas for improvement
  • Provides individualized training follow-up to users making consistent errors
  • Provides remedial training on a larger scale when more global issues are identified that lead to common errors
  • Performs ad hoc charging or crediting activities for select areas
  • Must have the ability to work with hospital information systems such as Mediware, HIS, Pyxis Tracker etc.
  • Must be able to generate info maker reports for trending data etc.



Minimal discrepancies in order entry process.



Resolves all problems on shift.



Communicates unresolved issues to the next shift during report.



Assigned tasks are completed in a timely manner.  Able to prioritize workload.  Minimizes idle time and helps others complete the workload.



Suggests/promotes/participates in improvements to workflow in coordination with the Pharmacy Manager.



Provides written input for peer evaluation in a timely manner.



Manages daily workload fluctuations with respect to work output.



Exhibit organizational skills, highly self-directed with respect to assigned tasks and duties.



Maintains a positive environment that assures productive interaction.



Proactively trains new employees, students, and residents.  Coordinate and helps in training of new employees, students, and residents during probation period and provide input on job performance. Completes training and in-services documentation for new employees promptly and correctly.  Provides progress reports to Pharmacy Manager when needed.




Maintains Board of Pharmacy requirements for certification, as required.  Participates in workgroups, committees, and continuing education activities for technical staff.



Comprehends and consistently complies with the law and MHCS ethical standards.



Demonstrates ICARE values (Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence).



Exhibits Service PRIDE behaviors.



Follows all hospital and department safety rules while on the job.



Perform other duties as assigned, including but not limited to:

  • Collate productivity and quality assessment collected in work area for pharmacist and manager’s review.
  • Prepare minutes for work area staff meetings.
  • Perform troubleshooting for pharmacy computer systems.
  • Maintain work area communication books and reference books.
  • Perform specialized functions in work area as designated by Pharmacy Manager.
  • Qualified to perform the responsibilities required of the Pharmacy Tech I.



  • Must be a high school graduate or have high school equivalency.
  • At least two years of college preferred but not required.


  • Must have at least two years of hospital pharmacy technician experience outside of The Methodist Hospital or one-year hospital pharmacy experience at The Methodist Hospital with above average performance.
  • Must satisfactorily (70%) test out and complete a three-month training program, which includes classroom and/or practical experience to learn the technical skills needed to fulfill the minimum job requirements within the 90-day probationary period.


  • Must be certified as a pharmacy technician as required by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. 
  • Must maintain certification as required by law. 



  •  Score at least 75% on the SRA Numerical Skills Test. 
  •  Score at least 70% on a pre-test determined by the work area.
  •  Must possess effective oral and written communication skills in English.
  •  Must be proficient in the use of personal computers and related software; portable data processing units; printers, calculators.
  •  Must possess adequate vision and the ability to read at the 12th grade level and understand medication orders, labels, and reference materials
  •  Must be able to use standard office and pharmaceutical equipment.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Houston Methodist is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Equal employment opportunity is a sound and just concept to which Houston Methodist is firmly bound. Houston Methodist will not engage in discrimination against or harassment of any person employed or seeking employment with Houston Methodist on the basis of  race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, status as a protected veteran or other characteristics protected by law.

VEVRAA Federal Contractor – priority referral Protected Veterans requested.