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Prepare to lead the future of health care by gaining real-world insights and research experiences through Houston Methodist and the Finger Fellowship Program.

The Finger Fellowship Program in Sustainable Health takes place at the nexus of health science, policy and community. This paid fellowship is an outstanding opportunity for exceptional people to pursue individualized interdisciplinary research. The ultimate goal of the program is to develop individuals who will lead improvements in health at the national, state or local level.

About the Fellowships

Since 2005, the Elaine and Marvy Finger Fund for Sustainable Health has supported the identification, creation and implementation of strategies that lead to sustainable health for all Americans. Finger Fellows serve this mission through independent research projects in areas such as health care technology, economics, policy and ethics. Fellowship appointments are either full-time summer experiences (6-weeks) or part-time annual experiences.


Candidates for a Finger Fellowship are superior performers in their respective fields. Since activities may entail work in medicine, health care, public health, policy, sociology, law and other affiliated disciplines, Finger Fellows may come from a wide range of academic backgrounds. In fact, clinical experience is not a requirement for consideration. Finger Fellowships are open to anyone regardless of their field, as long as he or she demonstrates an ability to think creatively, work independently and develop intellectually.

Fellowships are open to undergraduate students and graduate students, and are awarded on an annual basis. (The application process begins in January of each year.)

The fellowships are meant to be developmental. That is, an individual becomes a Fellow for the purpose of learning a new discipline that contributes to sustainable health, while doing so in an experiential setting and assisting with the attainment of the overall goals of the program. At the completion of their Fellowship, it is expected that Finger Fellows will return to some other setting to share their experiences and knowledge.

More Information

More information about the fellowships can be found on the program's website or by emailing Kara McArthur.

How to Apply

An application form for these highly competitive fellowships is available on the Finger Fellowship website
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