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Published May 3, 2023

Houston Methodist is excited to announce another significant milestone for our community. On April 25th, Forbes released its sixth annual list of the nation’s top employers for diversity, equity and inclusion. Of the 500 companies that made the final list across 25 industries, 49 were hospitals and health systems from the “Healthcare and Social” category. It is no surprise that of those 49 institutions, Houston Methodist was the 7th healthcare organization listed, in order of highest ranked by Forbes.

At Houston Methodist, we make a daily, concerted effort to listen to the teams within our community, always striving to improve our DEI initiatives to achieve real inclusion and belonging. Houston Methodist’s DEI Mission aims to foster a culture of inclusive behavior that allows us to provide unparalleled, personalized care to our diverse patient population through effective teamwork, while ensuring respect for every individual throughout our health system.

“Houston is one of the most diverse cities in the country, and Houston Methodist is a reflection of our city,” states Houston Methodist’s President and CEO, Marc Boom, MD. “Our employees represent all walks of life, and our diversity helps create a rich exchange of ideas and knowledge that leads to new and bold innovations and treatments that are at the heart of leading medicine.”

Houston Methodist is proud of the diversity of experiences that each member of our community represents. We could not be more grateful to our employees for bringing their individuality to the job every day. Houston Methodist thanks you for sharing your honest insights because it helps us continuously improve our DEI programs to implement more effective practices.

Learn more about how Houston Methodist gives all employees a voice with our ever-evolving DEI efforts and achievements. Find your next career in a diverse, supportive and dynamic environment at Houston Methodist today!


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