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Published May 31, 2023

Our community is excited to announce that Houston Methodist reached a historical milestone this month. Surgeons at Houston Methodist Hospital completed its 10,000th organ transplant procedure, officially joining a small number of hospitals with transplant programs nationwide to have reached this significant achievement.

A 68-year-old man from Brownsville received a new heart on May 4, making him the 10,000th organ transplant recipient at Houston Methodist. He is now with his family and recovering well.

"We are proud to have achieved this milestone for our patients, and we remain dedicated to continuing our tradition of excellence in transplantation. We owe our success to the entire team of health care professionals who work tirelessly to care for our patients [and] the generosity of our organ donors and their families," stated Dr. Mark Ghobrial, Director at Houston Methodist's J.C. Walter Jr. Transplant Center.

Houston Methodist's organ transplant program has over half a century of history as our surgeons continue progressing and pursuing medical excellence in transplantations. Houston Methodist Hospital performed its first transplant in 1963 - a kidney. Dr. Michael DeBakey performed one of the nation's first heart transplants at HMH in 1968 – another historic achievement. Throughout its 60-year transplant program, Houston Methodist surgeons performed the nation's first successful single-lung transplant in 1987 and the first heart-lung transplant in Texas in 1985. More recently, Houston Methodist Health was ranked first in the nation for volume of multi-organ transplants in 2022.

Houston Methodist's organ transplant program continues to focus on providing the highest level of care to patients needing life-saving transplant procedures. Our community could not be more proud of the surgeons and health professionals who helped us reach the 10,000th transplant milestone, an extraordinary accomplishment for any health care system. Congratulations to our dedicated surgical staff and clinical teams, and thank you for continuously making compassionate patient care our top priority.

Houston Methodist continues to grow as we celebrate these influential milestones. Learn more about career opportunities at Houston Methodist today and witness our genuine impact on the community, our patients, and their families' lives.


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